designed for people who wear glasses and want to apply their make up successfully

Unsure of Which Lens to Purchase

How to choose the correct Magnification

What size Prescription should I order?

Please order 1.50 to 2.00 stronger then your normal reading glasses.


Suitable when Not Wearing Glasses Yet (Mild)

+2.00 - +2.50

 Suitable for +1.50 Prescription

+2.50 - +3.00

Suitable for +2.00 Prescription (Average)


Suitable for +2.50 and +3.00 Prescription


Suitable for +3.00 and Above - (Very Strong)

How to use make Up Glasses

Step #1

When you make up your left eye, you can keep the lens on your right and wait for a moment for your eyes to focus.

How to use makeup glasses

Step #2

After you finish the left eye, Rotate the lens to the opposite eye, and again wait for your eye to re-focus.

How to use makeup glasses

Step #3

Once you have finished both eyes Rotate the lens between the right and left eye to ensure makeup is Perfect.

How to use makeup glasses

Step #4

You are now ready to head off to your day with Perfect Makeup.

Magnifying Makeup Glasses to help you apply your makeup

The Magnified Lens Rotates 180°
to assist so you can Apply your Make up with Clarity and Ease.


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