Essential Make Up Glasses

The Birth of the Essential Makeup Glasses

Hi, my name is Queenie and I am very new to this type of bloggy thing!! I just want to share the reasons behind these Makeup Glasses.

Glasses Wearer

So, I wear Glasses. I never needed Glasses until I was at the awesome age of 50ish, I am hairdresser by trade and beautician and have always enjoyed mucking with hair and makeup. Suddenly, I was putting my brows on and thought that the room was a little dim, so I turned the light on. But no, it did not help and there were other tell-tale signs such as having to set my phone 1 block away so I could see it. Well off to the optometrists I went and Yes, I received my first set of glasses.


I was excited thought I looked so much more intelligent LOL. Well that excitement faded as wearing glasses has its pitfalls when wanting to look decent (in the makeup department.


I got quite frustrated with trying to do the basics, Put my glasses up and down. I bought a few Magnifying mirrors which are pretty good, but if I was on vacation with family I was left to feeling my way around, I would ask my husband does my makeup look ok etc and of course he would reply Yep. Mmmmm Really!!!


Then I found these little beauties, they have really helped me to know with confidence that I am on track (in the face department). I can pop them into my Makeup Up bag and take them with me on all my travels.

Word of Advice

Just a word of advice when choosing the glasses please ensure you get a stronger strength than your glasses so you will have a magnified view of your eyes. For my glasses would be similar to a +2.00 so I use the +300.

 Also, when switching the lens from one eye to the other give your eyes a chance to re-focus. Then continue to finish off your makeup.


Thank you so much for your trust in my store.

Please feel free to contact me at and offer any ideas up to share.

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